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Desiree G:

Honored to be a part of Deb’s Picture Prompt Challenge. Please take time to read the inspiring pieces of all the talented participants.

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Mourning in Shadows

Mists of magic moon

wrap my heart, cocooned

I hear the howl

of kindred soul, marooned

The embers of passion

no longer stirred and stoked

Emotion is parched

since your departure, sorrow evoked

The breeze whispers your name

while creatures of the night bay

My tears feed the sea

while on my knees, I pray

Mourning your gentle soul

my heart desperate not to let go

La Luna cradles my weary head

gifting me your smile in her glow

Good-bye, My Friend

You will live forever

 in my words penned


© Desiree Masters (2015)


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Swimming to New Shores


As many of you know, I celebrated the one-year anniversary of Sea of Desire last week.  I have been so very blessed to have many of you as true friends, though we’ve never met in real life.  Every like, every comment meant so much to me.  This blog has helped me grow and transform into a writer … which I never fathomed when I began this journey.  When I began, I felt the need to hide my true identity behind the mysterious persona of “Desiree” because I was not comfortable in my own skin.  I am still not CONFIDENT in who I am and who I want to be, but I am much closer now.

I have struggled for quite some time with having a “split personality” between my true self, Dana and this imaginary blogger, Desiree.  I have decided it is time to leave the seductive waters of Sea of Desire and dive into a new adventure (blog).  I hope you all will join me in my new (still aquatic) habitat.  I do not plan on having x-rated images/stories/poems, but I’m sure there will still be an erotic edge to some of my postings.  I don’t plan on exploring the depths of BDSM on there either, although I will still be following, reading and commenting on yours posts that intrigue me.

I want my new blog to be a place of comfort for ME.  I want my fellow baseball moms to visit and gain an appreciation for my “darker” side, while I allow you all into my real life to see that I do have a “lighter” side.  I want to have a place that I can be proud of my writing talents and have ALL of my friends and family gather in one place with the real Dana.

I will leave Sea of Desire as is for the time being but at some point I will make it private.  I’m not ready to delete the home I’ve had for the past year … or the 15,000 comments that I have shared with you all during that time.

If you are interested in seeing the girl behind the mask of “Desiree”, please join me at Message in a Bottle.   For those of you that choose not to follow, I understand but you will be missed.

Much Love,


Prisoner Hid Within


Darkness cold in its grip

Eclipses all sense of peace

Provoking doubts and fears

Rationalization soon fails

Emotions break all restraints

Stealing my breath and hope

Seizing my energy, capturing my words

Invisible to those around me

Owning my every action or inaction

Noose around my neck, always a threat


*Written in response to the OctPoWriMo 2014 Prompt for World Mental Health Day

**Written as an acrostic

**Image found at StrangelyCompelling

Return to the Sea

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Desiree G:

The Sea … exactly where I need to be.

Originally posted on A Mad Man's Musings:


Two kindred souls found
Wandering under the moon
Their hands gently clasped
They inhale the salty scent
Blowing off the ocean waves
He brought her back home
To serenity’s embrace
Believing the sea
Would coax her to bare her soul
Her tears swallowed by the tide
Cool water rushing
Over bare feet on the sand
Pulls back tiny grains
Taking with it the sadness
Needing washed into deep seas
The moon’s glow reflects
the gratitude in her eyes
The man by her side
anticipates her needs well
She seeks to release his pain
Opening his mouth
The words flow freely, released
Carried by the breeze
They mingle with the water
Filled with sorrows salty tears
With past hurts now purged
Focus shifts to their future
Their kiss gives new hope
Trust grows with every exchange
Their hearts promise forever

©Der Erzahler & DesireeG 2014

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He and She, in Ecstasy


Her need is palpable upon his lips

intoxicating him with passion

Her eyes pleading to be possessed

His hands gripping hair roughly

Her whimpers ignite him

“Please” escapes her mouth

He readies her

for the sting

of his






Counting each stroke

Her cheeks blushing pink

He resists temptation

Her folds glisten with desire

Her body trembles under fire

The time has come to give her release

Bodies connect in soulful ecstasy


*Written as a reverse double etheree

**Pinterest image, source unknown

Dinner Date — revisited

One year ago today, I started this blog at the encouragement of a friend.  He felt my creative talents were being wasted in email exchanges with him.  I had no vision for what I wanted with this blog other than to write.  The connections I have made with other bloggers/readers have been sometimes overwhelming, but always enlightening and gratifying.  I want to thank you all for helping me in this past year to explore my passion and find my voice.

The story below was one of the first I posted on this blog.  I have tweaked it some for your reading pleasure.

The Dinner Date

I shut my office door and press my forehead against the smooth wood to get my bearings.  I look down at the plain brown package that had just been delivered to the receptionist.  My fingers tremble as I run them over the block letters “JS” found in the return address area.  I cannot imagine what James would send me just hours before Will and I are to meet James and his wife for dinner and drinks.

I move the package to my desk and begin opening the brown paper with my sassy purple pocket knife.  After tossing aside the paper, I slip the top off the exposed box.  On top of the tissue paper is a note folded in half.  I open the note and hold my breath as I read:

Sweet Desiree,

I’m not sure why you are torturing me with this dreadful dinner date tonight, but I plan on having a little retribution of my own.  Inside this box are four items I have deemed appropriate for my pleasure tonight.  I fully expect you to comply with my wishes as I have finally agreed to meet your husband and introduce you both to my wife.  Don’t disappoint me, my dear.

In lustful anticipation, James

I let out the breath I have been nervously holding and reach for my leather chair.  My knees have weakened from James’ words alone.  What have I gotten myself into?  I know I am pushing the boundaries of this affair by insisting on this double date, but James and I are friends, first and foremost.  I want to get to know Jennifer and regardless of the intent of James’ note, I know he is rather curious about Will.

With shaking fingers, I pull back the paper and gasp with shock at the items displayed before me.  I touch the delicate lace of the purple thong and blush at the thought of wearing this for tonight’s occasion.  Beside the panties is a shiny black metallic egg with a small cord.  I immediately recognize the wireless remote controlled vibrating bullet that James used with me months ago.  I

smile at the memory of the waiter’s face as he watched me have an orgasm while pouring me a glass of wine.  That memory alone causes a gush of wetness between my legs.  My eyes move over to the small bottle next to the egg and I read “anal lubricant”.  Arousal shoots through me at the thought of using the last item in the box, a small purple butt plug.  I stare at the box for a few moments, debating whether I really will be brave enough to fulfill James’ request.  I have no idea how I will be able to control my arousal in front of Will and Jennifer.

I never imagined that James would call my bluff.  Just then I receive a text from JS that states: “So, will you fold? Or will you willingly play the cards you’ve been dealt, my dear?”

As Will and I approach the warehouse restaurant, I feel a swirl of anxiety, sexual tension and excitement take root in my stomach.  I pause on the sidewalk for a moment, trying to adjust to the fullness in my nether regions.  Will stops with me and gives me a look of concern.  I smile and grasp his fingers, feeling grateful for something to anchor me to the moment.

The hostess welcomes us warmly and tells us that our dining companions are already seated.  A slight tremble washes over me as I know that James’ eyes will be trained on our arrival, quietly assessing my posture and demeanor for any signs of distress.  We move behind the hostess and are quickly presented to James and Jennifer.  James walks up to me and embraces me with a friendly hug and whispers, “You look radiant, Desiree!”

My voice escapes me for the moment so I only stare into his brown eyes, begging for a reprieve from what I know will be a tortuous night.  James’ smile only broadens as he turns toward my husband and grasps his hand in greeting.  I am completely lost with what is said because at that moment my pussy becomes inflamed with a surge of vibration that causes me to grab the seat in front of me.  James’ wife, Jennifer, reaches for me in alarm.  The vibration ends just as abruptly as it started.

I compose myself and apologize to Jennifer.  “I am so sorry.  I haven’t eaten all day and I am afraid I am feeling a bit dizzy!” James quickly introduces me to his wife and pulls my seat out for me.  Once settled, James and Will begin discussing sports and Jennifer and I engage in small talk, taking the opportunity to appraise each other.  Although I have seen several pictures of Jennifer over the past two years, I am completely unprepared for the stunning and poised woman before me.  I am relieved when we are interrupted by the waiter requesting our drink orders.  Just as I open my mouth to ask for a Cabernet, the bullet inside me begins pulsing again, causing my ass to throb around the butt plug seated firmly inside me.  I feel my skin flush and I cover my gasp with a feigned cough.  Inhaling deeply, I give my order to the waiter and plaster a determined smile on my face.

The vibration slowly intensifies and then fades.  Just as I feel triumph at passing this test, I feel the wave of pleasure overtake my pussy again.  I squirm in my seat, trying to alleviate the growing need between my legs.  I only succeed in stimulating myself further when the lacy thong seats the butt plug deeper into my ass.  James’ chuckle brings my eyes back to the table, where I see both of his hands steepled under his chin.  His knowing smile relays clearly that I will not get any immediate relief from the throbbing arousal that has overcome me.  It occurs to me that James is testing my ability to withhold my own orgasm, something we have discussed at length.  During times of solo masturbation, I frequently bring myself to an orgasmic precipice, only to back away before the impending fall.  Tonight will be the ultimate trial — can I deny myself the overwhelming pleasure of the explosive release or will I allow myself to fall apart in orgasmic delight in front of my dinner companions?

I debate excusing myself to the restroom and removing the vibrator and butt plug, putting an end to my suffering.  I dismiss the idea very quickly.  I will be even more miserable if I disappoint

James.  As I take two very long gulps of my wine, I decide to put myself in James’ care for the night.  With a friendship that spans two decades, there is no one I trust more with my mental, physical and sexual well-being.  I know that James would never cause me embarrassment or jeopardize my marriage. With that realization, I meet James’ eyes across the table and smile tentatively.  The glint of approval in his eyes warms me completely and all apprehension fades.  The pulsing bullet also fades into a subtle hum in my swollen canal.  I relax into the new sensation, grateful to still have the continuous connection with James.

After submitting control of my body to James for the evening, I fully engage in conversation with my companions.  Jennifer proves to be an intelligent woman full of sarcastic wit.  It also becomes obvious throughout the evening that she has gained an admiring fan, my husband.  I amuse myself by counting the number of times I catch him gazing adoringly at Jennifer’s voluptuous breasts. As the waiter presents our dessert choices to us, I fantasize about catching Will in the back hallway with his face buried in Jennifer’s cleavage.  As the fantasy quickly moves to his hands sliding up underneath her short skirt, the vibration in my pussy skyrockets, sending me quickly to the brink of release.  My eyes desperately search for James.  His mouth is set firm and I see the burning desire for me radiate from his brown orbs.  He slightly moves his head toward the back of the restaurant, indicating I should excuse myself for a moment.

With his silent command, I tell Will that I need to go to the restroom and I will be back shortly.  He barely manages a response as he is deeply intrigued with his conversation with Jennifer.  As I stand, I wonder how I will manage the short trek to the bathroom as my body feels like it is a raging inferno.  The friction caused by the movement almost brings me to my knees as I approach the back bar.  I quickly slip onto a padded stool, knowing that I am about to lose all control.  Involuntarily, I throw my head back and bite my lip to hold back the moans of ecstasy that are threatening to break loose from my throat.  I press my thighs together and grind my pussy and ass into my seat, determined to ride out this extraordinary and tumultuous orgasm.

The cresting wave originates from my heavy, aching breasts and creates a tsunami as it approaches by needy center.  As my vaginal muscles greedily hug the bullet, my sphincter muscles spasm uncontrollably around the purple plug.  I can no longer hold in the euphoric feeling of ecstasy as I moan heartily with the sensual overload.  When I feel the resulting juices seeping through my thong and over my labia, I come back to myself and remember I am in public.  Mortified, I open my eyes and find the gorgeous bartender staring at me, completely mesmerized by the brazen display before him.

I blush profusely and attempt to stand when he puts his strong hand on my arm and roughly commands “Stay a minute and gather yourself.  I am not ready to let you out of my sight.”  He reaches for a glass of water and puts it in my hand.   Appreciative of the compliment and gesture, I sip the water and avoid looking into the stranger’s face.  “Thank you,” I whisper as I stand to make my way to the restroom.  “Thank YOU!” he groans.

As I approach the mirror in the restroom, the hostess enters.  She smiles mischievously at me and purrs, “This is from one of your handsome companions — the blonde one.  Is there anything I can do for you, Ma’am?”  With that, she hands me a folded note and waits as I read it.

“There are no words to express my pride in you tonight.  Watching you fall apart at the bar was almost my undoing.  And it was most certainly Bret’s undoing.  Your final challenge tonight is to remove your thong and discreetly give it to Bret at the bar when you return to the table.  And Felicia, the hostess, is more than excited to give you any physical rewards you may desire at the moment.  Just hurry, my dear.  Dessert is almost over.   JS”

I look up to see Felicia smiling at me seductively.  As though I didn’t just experience a body-altering orgasm, my body revs up again and I feel another gush of my wetness soak my panties.  “You can do one thing for me, please.  Kiss me, Felicia.”  I boldly request.

Without a word she moves her body next to mine, daring to rub her scantily covered cleavage against my tits.  She reaches her long, delicate fingers around my head and pulls my face to hers.  I barely have to time to inhale her spicy sweetness before I taste her lips and tongue against mine.  The kiss is possessive, plundering and enticing.  My hands wrap around her waist to bring us even closer as I give myself over to the passionate kiss.  At that moment, the vibrator bursts into action, causing me to moan into Felicia’s mouth and grip her tighter.  She moves one hand to the hem of my skirt and roughly raises it.  Her fingers dive into my panties, urgently seeking my clit. When her fingernail skims over the swollen button, my body soars to the summit and teeters on yet another orgasmic high. Felicia and I continue our ferocious kiss as she pinches and pulls on my clit. Felicia fervently pulls my long hair in an attempt to deepen and control our wanton kiss. With the unexpected sting of pain, the climax overtakes me, releasing a flood of my liquid pleasure onto Felicia’s hand.  When we finally pull apart, she brings her fingers to my mouth and spreads my taste onto my lips like my favorite gloss. “That was amazing,” I whisper as she gives me one final smile and leaves me alone in the bathroom.

I remember I still have a final request to fulfill.  I do as instructed in the stall and then head back out to the bar.  There are now several patrons seated at the bar and I wait to catch Bret’s attention.  When Bret sees me, his eyes widen with surprise and lust.  He saunters over and asks, “May I please help you?”  I smile at the innuendo, but shake my head and reply, “No, but I wanted to repay you for your kindness earlier.  I hope this is the best tip you get tonight.”  With that I reach over the bar and carefully put my thong in Bret’s front pants pocket.  There is no mistaking the attraction he feels as my hand innocently strokes against his erection as I remove my fingers.  With a parting smile, I walk back to the table.

My absence has gone unnoticed by Will and Jennifer as Will has moved over to take my seat so he can be closer to Jennifer.  I slip into Will’s previous spot and turn to James.  “This has been the most exquisite dinner I’ve ever experienced.  When can we do this again?”  I demurely ask James.  As he reaches to push the hair back over one of my shoulders, he leans in to answer, “Next time we let these two figure out a way to entertain themselves or each other.  No more double dates for us.  I just wish I could end this night with a taste of you for dessert.”

I subtly turn my body at an angle toward him and let my thighs fall apart as much as my dress will allow. “Your wish is my command, James.”   With a quick glance at our spouses, James reaches his long arm under the table.  I tingle with expectation as I feel his fingers travel across the smooth and moist skin of my thigh.  My breath catches when I feel two fingers travel up and down my drenched slit.  I feel a sudden emptiness as he quickly extracts the bullet from my pussy and slides it into his pocket.  His fingers return and urgently plunge into my canal.  I fight the urge to buck my hips against his hand and hold steady for his exploration.  I watch his fingers, completely enraptured by his boldness as he dips them into his mouth and sucks on them with appreciation.  No dessert on the menu could match the decadence we shared tonight.