Destiny’s Ballad

Desiree G:

Due to a hectic life, I have fallen silent the past week. I hope to return to writing soon — but in the meantime, I needed a reminder of what can happen when one trusts and opens their heart. Hope all my friends are well.

Originally posted on Der Erzahler's Musings:


Searching, an eternity, he escaped reality through words
Certain, that passion and desire, were destined to be lost
He painstakingly built up his walls, formed his defenses
Intent on keeping people at a distance, whatever the cost

Feeling lost in the daunting mist of broken dreams
She turned to pen and paper to navigate her way
Sinful images of desire and passion filled the pages
Yet the penned yearnings failed to keep loneliness at bay

He begins to withdraw, to retreat behind the walls
Dismayed, no longer finding reason for his written word
Surprising himself, he reaches out in one final plea
To be answered, unexpectedly challenged by a little bird

In her restless wanderings, she found a kindred spirit
Both haunted by a life of distrust and hidden vulnerability
Never imagining a new friendship could hold the key
Unlocking a vast ocean of life’s forbidden tranquility

Her passion revitalized…

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Abandoned Angel

abandoned angel


She ponders how to find the way home

To a place that holds celestial memories

Washed away with the rolling sea foam

Her wings are not broken but fatally spent

The exertion of living a lie taking its toll

While she stubbornly refuses to repent

Her footsteps land heavier than her heart

Her tears carry the pain of burned out stars

Searing and infinite, ripping her soul apart


*tumblr image, source unknown


Dark Beauty

Flowered soul

Crisp fragility, elegantly begging

A stark strength portrayed

But wilts without wise care


A purity that blinds at first glance

Seductive appeal that endures

Under delicate touch


Exotic charms alluringly beckon

But hide the true value

In darkened depths


Craving to be worshipped

Wicked wants secluded

Under veil of grace


*Internet image, source unknown




His mind gingerly examined the welts on his heart.  Her scathing rejection branded her seductive gaze upon his pulsing life force. He refused to let her drain him, though. As her lingering scent permeated his every pore, her essence regenerated his desire to own her … in the romantic fairy tale way she feigned to want to the most base and animalistic possession of her flesh.   He allowed her to walk away in false victory, as he was only beginning to give chase.  Within a fortnight, the haughty hellion would be his. Guaranteed.