She Waits

she waits

She says she is needy like it’s a bad thing. But she has yet to fully grasp that her soft vulnerability balances her simmering passion perfectly.  Having needs does not make one selfish, it makes her desirable.  The man that can pacify those needs while igniting her inner light; he would thrive on the joy of satisfying such an ethereal creature.  The true challenge, of course, is deciphering what she truly needs from what she has been taught she should want.  It would take patience and a steady hand to peel away the decayed lies that cover her true sense of self.  It would take a man certain of his own fortitude to withstand her fearful fury when he coaxed her into unknown realms that kissed her darkest fears. It would take a man that treasured the value of her intellect more than the sweet curve of her breast. Her man must take care not to hinder her passion as he demanded control of her temper.  He must understand when a tender kiss would summon her submission much more effectively than an orgasm and when hard wood against her soft flesh would destroy the dam to her carefully withheld tears.  He must be willing to validate her emotions even when her logic eludes him. He must build her confidence so high that her happiness is not dependent on his evaluation of her worth, but on her esteemed appraisal of herself.

He quietly contemplated the complex mix of sensuality and practicality before him; such an intoxicating blend of rich tones, tart flavors and enticing aromas … and that was not even taking in consideration her physical beauty. Something about her spoke to his most basic instinct, a call of the wild, so to speak. She turned her head and surveyed him with her amber eyes as a growl emanated from deep within his soul. He would be that man. He would be her man.


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Simple Reminders

Listen to me, especially when I don’t speak

Pull me closer, especially when I push you away

Ask me questions, especially when I refuse to answer

Make me laugh, especially when my eyes are full of tears

Encourage me to cry, especially when I laugh too easily

Be honest, especially when the truth will hurt me more

Be patient, especially when I frustrate you

Be present, especially when you cannot be near

Follow through, especially when I say it’s okay if you don’t

Talk to me, especially when you don’t feel like it

Love me, especially when I don’t feel I deserve it

Let me love you, especially when you don’t feel you deserve it

Once Adored


His wish was but a whisper

A rush of air in onyx dream

Gone before even felt

A tickle of a chill upon heated flesh

Lost in the echoes of forgotten wants

Such was her fate, as well

Abandoned in her constant needs

Not worthy of two ticks of his time

A fantasy of no substance

The ink of her heart absorbed

Into the abyss of memories, once adored


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